What they’re saying

“Learning Quran is a way to remain in-tuned with our religion, Islam. I was too much worried about the Quran education for both of my kids.  It was hard to seek out reliable Quran tutors in Canada. I tried various Madrassas here, in my locality but every time I faced issues. Then a friend of mine told me about the E-Quran Classes online Quran learning website. I enrolled my sons with the website and thanks to the high standard of their services, I never regret my decision. My kids were always satisfied with their way of teaching. I always found them supportive and prepared to assist in any issue regarding change of timing, or learning sessions. Their teachers are highly qualified and have in-depth knowledge of what they teach.” 

Thank you E-Quran Classes! I am an 18 years old girl form Somalia. This is what I needed. I always preferred one on one sessions. Your teachers are so loving, dedicated and patient. One can have lessons at any suitable time with his teacher. The sound quality is so clear. I used to get worried as I had used plenty of other online Quran learning websites. The network was always so weak. And you couldn’t even hear the teachers. My teacher at E-Quran classes is so good, she clearly hears my phonation and guides me in making words from the right place. I highly recommend enrolling with this institute. 

 It’s been my desire since I was a child to comprehend what the Holy Quran actually uttersWith the Grace of Allah, this wish has now been fulfilled. May Allah prize our Ustadah in this worldly life and the Hereafter. 

Alhamdulillah, I am really enjoying my sessions with E-Quran Classes. I have enrolled for the Hifz-ul-Quran course since past three months and I have learned two juzz of Quran until now. I was so passionate about memorizing Quran, but as I live in a non-Muslim country, so mosques and Madrassas are not in abundance here. E-Quran classes has great knowledgeable teachers and the checking and reporting system of students also interests me a great deal. The aspect that has been of great satisfaction is the convenient timings of the classes. All I take is my iPad, call my teacher and session gets started on my fixed timing. I am super satisfied.” 

I am from Malaysia, I contacted E-Quran classes for correcting my recitation with applied rules of tajweed. I have found them really helpful in this regard. Also, the fees are highly affordable by commoners. In the Tajweed course, main focus is on the pronunciation. My course is going good so far and I am improving my tajweed. I also tell my friends and their kids to enroll with this website. 

Subhan Allah, where should I begin? The connection is great. Excellent sound system and really amazing interaction between the tutor and the students. This thing makes me believe that teacher becomes highly involved with their students to create a healthy learning environment and optimize learning. The teacher assigned to me is so kind and generous. His method of teaching has drawn me to hunt more courses of the website. I highly recommend this five star online institute for Quran learning. 

I appreciate every time the spiritual significance (of the ayah) to our lives, is revealed. To me, this is what carries us nearer to and fosters deeper affection for Quran. It is nothing but the Clemency of Allah, when He gives a person time to reproduce and contemplate over His Verses…and places that person in the company of others who are doing the same. May Allah recompense you and your family and continue to bless your exertions …Ameen 

I’ve learned Arabic at places other than E-Quran Classes, but only after taking tuition from here, I began to feel that I’m making tremendous progress. My teacher is extremely professional, always well-prepared, and great. Together with her help, I started reading articles in Arabic and that I greatly improved my speaking, writing, and listening skills. Customer service is additionally very efficient and professional. I highly recommend the E-Quran classes to all the people who want to start out learning Arabic or want to become more fluent in it. 

My age is 71. In such older age, anybody can get hopeless about learning. When I started with E-Quran classes, I was not sure whether they would go smoothly with me or not because I am a slow learner. But my experience was exceptional. The compassion they show with older age Quran learners is beyond expectation. It was my first online learning experience and I am very impressed.” 

I am a doctor by profession and a mother of three kids Masha Allah. I have a busy routine and never get time to pay attention to my kids and I was too much worried about this thing. But then I heard of E-Quran classes and now I am highly contentedIf my kids get late, even then the tutor gives proper time or hooks up on the missing classes either on Saturdays or Sundays. I and my husband are satisfied that we decided to pick E-Quran classes which has given my sons entire attention for 60 minutes a day. I absolutely recommend E-Quran classes to young as well as the older generation. Many thanks! E-Quran classes team.”