Quran memorization online course: 

The Holy Quran is one of the most important Islamic books for all the Muslims of the world as it is the complete guide for the Muslims throughout the world and contains in it  solutions to all the problems and secrets of a successful life. Its recitation and memorization are the important aspects for Muslims all over the world. 

Many Muslims find it a difficult task how to memorize the Holy Quran as most of them do not understand the Arabic language in which the Holy Quran has been written. There are many different ways through which memorization of the Holy Quran can be made easier either by hiring a private scholar for it who can teach you the ways that are easier for you to memorize the Holy Quran or various Quran memorization online courses are also available that are designed in such a way that the learners / students find it easier to memorize the Holy Quran in much easiest and the quickest way.  The people who have busy schedules and cannot afford to join any Islamic academy and go to attend classes daily the option of online Quran Memorization is best for them.

Among a number of Quran memorization online courses one of the best online course is Quran Memorization online course by E-Quran classes having a website address  http://www.equranclasses.net 

E-Quran classes offers Quran Memorization online course for both adults and children and it also offers both the options to the learners / students whether they want to memorize the whole Quran or the part of it. It provides both the facilities to it’s learners / students. 

The course offered by the E-Quran classes consists of four programs that are: 

  • Memorization of  last Juzz.
  • Memorization of short Surahs. 
  • Memorization of some selected Surahs. 
  • Memorization of whole Quran. 


Out of the four programs learners / students can choose any one of them. 


E-Quran classes has a team of highly qualified teachers / instructors from the well standard Islamic Universities / institutes in Egypt like Al-Azhar University. The teachers / instructors have a great experience of teaching and making the students / learners memorize the Quran by the use of various latest and effective ways of teaching. 

E-Quran classes offers a Quran Memorization online course in which learning and memorization of the Holy Quran starts with listening to the recordings of the verses of the Holy Quran and then learning and memorization of verses of Holy Quran through reading them. 

The course allows the allocation of teachers / instructors to the students / learners according to their level of memorization. Each student / learner is given a separate teacher / instructor that allows the instructor/ teacher to pay proper attention towards his student / learner and student / learner can also learn and memorize the Quran in the shortest possible time.  

E-Quran classes offers the course of Quran Memorization for the people of age group between 6 years to 60 years. There are total 30 number of levels in the whole course. E-Quran classes offers course for the beginners, intermediate and advanced. 

The teachers / instructors elaborate the meanings, understanding of the verses and reasons for revealing the versus to the students / learners while making the students / learners memorize the Holy Quran so that the students / learners have a clear idea what are they memorizing. This proves effective in memorization of Holy Quran. E-Quran classes offers both male and female teachers / instructors for the students / learners and it also offers the allocation of the teacher / instructor of gender with whom the student / learner is most comfortable to learn and memorize the Holy Quran. 

A new lesson is being taught with every new day. The previous lesson is also being listened from the students / learners in order to have an idea that the previous lessons are still in their memory. Various assessment exams are being taken in between to evaluate the progress of the students / learners.  

E-Quran classes offers very reasonable fee packages that are very suitable for those who cannot afford to pay high fees. It also offers two students / learners can take lessons on the same time with fee of a single student / learner. The environment it provides is very creative and friendly that students / learners can easily ask if they do not understand a single thing rather than keeping them to themselves because of fear and not asking them from teacher / learner to resolve the queries. 

If a teacher / instructor finds out that a student / learner needs more time for some verse to memorize it and is unable to understand it then an extra time and effort is being given by the instructor / teacher on that verse in order to have a student / learner a better understanding and memorization of that particular verse rather than leaving it and moving forward. This helps to restore the quality teaching of E-Quran classes that they do not compromise on the quality of teaching. At the end a final assessment exam is being taken in which all the lessons are being included to evaluate the current learning and memorization level of the learner / student. 

The students who pass the assessment exam of learning and memorization of Quran are given a certificate of appreciation from the E-Quran classes that guarantees the success of the student / learner in terms of learning and memorization of the Holy Quran.  

It is necessary that being Muslims we should take some time out from our busy schedules for learning and memorization of Holy Quran either by some Scholar or through registration of online Quran learning and memorization courses. The learning, understanding and memorization of Holy Quran is very essential for us in order to lead a successful life. History proves that we ruled the world in the eras when we followed the sayings of the Holy Quran and as soon as we stopped doing it we were taken back all the success.