Here s the Questions and answers for all of your mind about Online Arabic and Quran classes. 

What should I do if my tutor is not online at the scheduled timing?

First of all, such things happens very seldom. But if such issue occurs then you don’t have to worry. Wait for another five minutes and then you can call at the head office instantly and register your complaint. Contact numbers are given in the “Contact Us” section of E-Quran Classes.  

have already read the Quran. I just want to improve my Tajweed. Do I need to start at the beginner’s level?

No, you will be given a short test to check your level of learning and then we will start from whatever level your tutor decides you stand on. Fees and session durations will be decided according to the learning level of the student. 

How do you accept payments from International students?

We are accepting payments from international customers mostly in two ways: 

a)PayPal (Preferred) 
b) MajorCredit cards (In case you don’t have a PayPal) 

What do I most importantly need to start learning with E-Quran classes?

It’s easy! What you need is  

A fast Internet connection (Minimum speed of 1mb is recommended) 
A working laptop or Desktop (PC) 
A verified email address 
A webcam (not compulsory) 
A pair of headsets with a microphone 

 All good to go! But never without the passion to learn.  

Do you offer live chat support?

Yes! We offer 24/7 availability of a live chat support system in Arabic as well as English through our competent Customer service representatives (CSRs). They will guide you through the whole process of learning at E-Quran classes, address your queries and register your complaints. 

What is your communication platform?

We offer a wide range of softwares according to the ease and choice of students. These Include Skype (preferred), WhatsApp and Zoom etc. so that the students can get uninterrupted one on one sessions with their tutors. 

Do you offer any discounts?

Absolutely! Discounts are offered to quick learners and native Arabs as it is convenient to teach them and the tutor requires less hard work to do so. Also, 10% discounts are offered for International students if you enroll in more than one courses with us. 

How can you prove that your teaching methods are effective and unique?

We have highly qualified tutors with flexible timings and affordable fees. Our courses are designed with the assistance of experienced teachers in such a way that learning is maximized rather than the duration of the sessions. Details of all the courses and tutors of E-Quran classes are given in “Our Courses” and “Our Tutors” section of the website. Also, we have female tutors for our female sisters to study in complete segregation. Once you register, it will automatically be proved to you that E-Quran classes is worthy of your choice. We assure that you will not only study yourself but you will recommend us to your mates too. 

Why should I prefer online Quran Learning?

In the diligent and occupied lifestyle of today, we never get enough time to specifically go to a mosque to study Quran. And Learning Quran is an epitome of Hidayah which can never be left uncherished. Through Online Quran learning, we offer a very flexible timing so that your tight schedules do not get bothered. You can select anytime you want, and interestingly if your schedules change, you can change the timings with us accordingly. 

How long does it take to memorize the whole Quran with Tajweed through online learning?

Usually, it takes a year to fully memorize the Quran. But with all the personalized assistance and coaching, It also depends on your learning skills and Intelligence level. We aim to give our students the time and tools to easily and swiftly grab the things and learn through them. 

Do I Need to have any prior Computer knowledge to start learning with E-Quran classes?

Our learning system is pretty simple to reach the students from all over the word with only one click. Anyone who is able to use skype and register with an email id can study with us. You add your tutor’s email to your contacts and start your session. 

What do I do, if have no computer knowledge?

Our technical support team is available round the clock to assist you in every step of the way. We offer support in different languages so that you do not feel any type of hindrances. 

What qualifications do your tutors have?

Our tutors are qualified from well-known Universities, mostly with masters in Islamic studies and diplomas and also certified Hafiz-e-Quran with five to six years’ experience in Quran Teaching. Also, the details and qualifications of every tutor working with us are given on the “Our Tutors” section of our website. 

Is it a problem if I have missed a number of classes and want to continue again?

You can continue again from where you left off, if you have missed upto two weeks of classes. In cases of missing upto a month of classes, we will take a test and then inform you about where to start again from. 

Is online Quran learning effective?

Online Quran learning, specifically through E-Quran classes is highly effective as the major benefit of these are the flexible timings and internationally qualified and experienced Quran Tutors. Also, online test sessions are conducted every Friday of the week to check whether learning is optimized and if the tutor needs to change the coaching technique for the particular student. Test reports are made and a monthly report card is sent to your verified email address. 

I am 75 years old and blind. Can I register to your website and Learn Quran?

There is no age limit to learn Quran. We offer tutors and courses designed separately for every age group. For Impaired Vision or hearing, we also have systems to maximize the learning. 

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