Whoever takes a route upon which to find knowledge, Allah makes the route to Paradise easy for him. 

(Muhammad SAW – Hadith – Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2646) 

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Rendering to a research by the Pew Research Center (PRW), in 2010, there were upto fifty Muslim-majority countries. Also, research said that Islam is the fastest spreading religious group around the globe. The community of Muslims is donating to developments in the fields of medicine, financial markets, and the economy of the worldAccepting what Muslims accept many contexts as true, how Islam prejudiced not just the Middle East but Europe, the Americans, and the rest of the nations of the world, and the conducts in which Islam is just as multifaceted as other religions can possibly open the gate to corporations across fields and advancements, and assist in providing profound understanding of people and their philosophies. 

 In many outmoded first world economies, Judeo-Christ histories have customarily been the chauffeurs of social and economic ideologies, but Islam and the Islamic world are now budding drivers in their own right. 

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This course, specifically, is full of knowledge and a treasure of Islamic information. The central aims are to provide an organized educational tactic to classical Islamic scholarship, propose a supple learning atmosphere and divulge an educational practice that is at once intellectually demanding and spiritually enriching. 

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E-Quran Classes, an Islamic website linked to our magnificent past, embedded in the present, and engrossed on the future, offers “Online Islam course” that permits a learner to comprehendadore, and live by the Quran and the Sunnah, rendering to the indulgent of the virtuous ancestors, in order to track them into Jannah, direct those around us, and gratify Allah SWT. 

We are the first non-commercial and non-political online institute among other online Quran learning websites dedicated to classical Islamic learning and religiousness. E-Quran Classes brings the classroom into your living room by offering a 24/7 schedule with high-class teachers who have an extensive knowledge of stuffs related to Islam. Our “Online Islam Course” suggest the finest e-learning available. Also, if you are considering for Islamic ways to ripen your personality which will make you use your time effectively and be an honorable and dignified individual, this course is just the accurate one for you! 

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E-Quran Classes offers courses in partnership with leading universities and institutions, giving you a firm consideration of Islam, its people, and its view of the world. “ONLINE ISLAM COURSE” covers topics like Islam through Its Scriptures, Introduction to the Quran and many more. You’ll understand the basics, including Prophet Muhammad’s place, the significance of Mecca, the pillars of Islam, and how other religious figures, including Jesus and Abraham, fit into Islamic traditions. Other options include Islamic influence over areas like finance (Islamic Banking Principles, Islam Money Markets) or contemporary world issues including peace-building. You’ll understand human rights from an Islamic and Quranic perspective, and analyze Islam’s contributions to the world. 

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This course, itself is a bunch of courses, offering full insight into even the smallest matters in Islam. Register in an online course with us to get access to Islamic experts offering an extensive variety of subjects. 

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We offer no restrictions to the ones eager to learn Islam via online sources from start till end. This course offers a wide variety of lectures from fundamental to advanced levels. Basically this course has been divided into five levels which further have many subdivisions covering all the infinitesimal issues faced by a Muslim: 


  1. Quran 
  1. Hadees 
  1. Aqedah 
  1. Fiqh 
  1. Islamic History 
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Style and speed

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  • The classes at E-Quran also feature a cooperating management System. Some of the noticeable features of the management system are as follows: 
  • Discussion Forums for working together with class fellows and tutors 
  • Announcement Panel  
  • Assignment Plan 
  • Online Quizzes and Exam sessions 
  • Online Academic Calendar 
  • Instant Messaging 
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The “Online Islam course free” consists of recorded audio and video lectures and live tutorial classes every week in a virtual teaching space.  

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Three easy steps to begin 

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We take responsibility for good results. We take you step by step with your children at the highest level to learn Islam step by step and from beginning to the end. The comfort of home and your carefully chosen timings, supervision of parents and help of professional and qualified Islamic studies teachers make online Islamic learning a lot at ease. Therefore you can have faith in us. 

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Simply go to the registration page. You can register for free classes with our online teachers just by filling in your name and contact information. 

  • Join trial classes: 

Upon receiving your registration, we will contact you back to set a convenient time for you for Free Trial Classes. 

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