I am a new Muslim! What Now? 

Assalam-o-Alikum! Our new brothers and sisters! Whole hearted welcome to each and every fold of Islam. 

 Every minute, dozens of people admit Islam and board on a steady journey of self-improvement and discovery. Some have a highly supportive family or community behind them, which can make it quite a smooth and easy transition. On the other hand, mostly people enter into Islam all on their own, which can be quite perplexingThinking back to the time you embraced Islam, you felt a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness. The joy, exhilaration, and lifetime importance of accepting Islam can often be accompanied by a sense of being overwhelmed and unsure of how to best approach the new dimensions of one’s life. So many details, one may think, so many books, so many rules. Check again: Islam is not an ambiguouscomplex religion. It is the natural religion, and as such, it is a way of life – there is no need to panic.  

10 Things to Know about Islam as a new Muslim 

Here are some essential topics that can give any reader a basic understanding and history of a complex religion that is often misunderstood. You may research at many parts of Islam such as core beliefs, differences between Sunni and Shia, and gender roles, among other topics. These fundamental concepts provide important context to contemporary affairs over the globe. 

  1. Whyis there the need to learn Islam?
  2. What do Muslims believe?
  3. Why is Arabic so important in Islam?
  4. What are the core beliefs that unite all Muslims?
  5. Are there any divisions in Islam?
  6. What is Wahhabi Islam?
  7. Is Islam intolerant of other religions?
  8. Are women second-class citizens in Islam?
  9. Does the Quran condone terrorism?
  10. What is Islamic law?


A gentle and beautiful six-month introduction to children and adults new to Islam. Covering all the key aspects of the faith and its facets including prayer, Ramadan, charity, pilgrimage, authentic supplications and the numerous unique attributes of Allah alongside the spiritual and health benefits of these principles 

Available as one-to-one or group tuition. 


  • Basic Aqeedah: The six attributes of Islam, the history and pillars of belief. 
  • Basic Fiqh: The five pillars of Islam including how to perform whudu (ablution) and salah (prayers). 
  • Seerah: The stories and morals of the lifestyles of the prophets. 
  • Daily Azkaar (authentic Arabic supplications) for daily life routine. 
  • Hadeeth: The teachings of Muhammad (PBUH) in the Arabic language. 
  • The beautiful 99 unique attributes of Allah. 


A ground-breaking six-month intermediate part to learn how to read and memorize the classical text of the Qur’an along with understanding the rules and correct pronunciation as it was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Available for online 1:1 tuition or in group sessions. 

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  • Recognize and learn how to write the Arabic alphabet and its different written forms. 
  • Study the Arabic punctuation and grammatical rules. 
  • Learn the correct Makhraj (pronunciation) of all the letters. 
  • Study the Tajweed rules in theory and practice recitation. 
  • Memorise the last 10 surahs for prayer. (Option for further hifz on request).