Most of us never get the chance to memorize the Quran. We simply recite without understanding. Most of us do not even get the time of even that regular recitation of the Quran. Memorizing the Holy book of Allah is a straight ticket to heaven. 

 Alas! Our worldly matters never let us think about improving the hereafter. Scientific advancements have converted the world into a working beehive. In the dogged calendars of people, they mostly never fulfill even their most essential duties to the Lord. Many Muslims, mostly in non-Muslim countries do not get time to go to mosques and memorize the Quran. Hence, here at E-Quran, we give Muslims the opportunity to Learn Quran through our various courses and certified Arab teachers. 

In this course, we offer the later one. 

In terms of Quran, memorization is “Learning the Quran by heart and remembering it”. In the “Ijazah in Quran Memorization” course by E-Quran Classes, we memorize the Quran to students with the issuance of an Ijazah at the time of completion 

 Ijazah is an Arabic word that refers linguistically to “permission, authorization or license” and “Ijazah in Quran memorization” technically means that the individual has learned the whole of Quran word by word and with proper tajweed and other rules by a highly qualified Quran memorizer who himself is a certified Quran teacher. It confirms that the individual can start his own online memorization course, can teach his friends and can issue Quran memorization Ijazah to his students.  

In this course, the learners will be able to get an Ijazah from an already certified Quran tutor in memorization of the Quran, after passing a series of evaluation tests and protocols.  

The tutor, which in this is a certified Quran Memorizer will listen to the whole Quran by the student with applied rules of Tajweed. And if he thinks the memorization is good, he will sign the certificate.  


You definitely realize that there is no prerequisite to have just a PC to remember Quran on the web. You can do it with your telephone or tablet. Be that as it may, there are some other frivolous inquiries that individuals have. A few people don’t have a clue what are the things they have to have when taking on the web Quran remembrance classes. To take your classes on the web, there is no extensive rundown of things to have. You have to have the accompanying things.  

𝟏) A PC/tablet  

𝟐A fast internet connection 

𝟑) Mouthpiece and speakers  

𝟒) Skype ID  

Pros of doing an Ijazah in Quran memorization Course with us:  

  • When you are an Ijazah holder in Quran memorization, nobody can raise a finger on you teaching the Quran and utterly believes that you have mastered memorizing Quran. 
  • Listening and then preaching the Quran can also be one of the brain memory stimulants. Several studies have proven that by listening to the Qur’an, the ability of the brain can be increased significantly. 
  • If one learns the Quran by heart, one will go to heaven. Hwill also be able to choose 10 people, who were sinful and doomed to hell, and take them along to paradise. 
  • Also we have female teachers available for our Muslim sisters who are eager to study with us. Our female tutors are also native Arabs, highly qualified, experienced and certified from well-known universities. 
  • Benefit to learn and remember the Quran precisely with the experienced tutors from E-Quran classes. Getting familiar with the importance of the stanzas and the explanations for uncovering them. Fabricating your comprehension of Allah’s recitations with the goal that you can apply them and embodying the standards of being a decent Muslim. 
  • We offer Quality, rather than quantity to the students. Through our competent scholars, interactive courses and teaching methods, our services get ranked as best ones in the Quran academies. 
  • We have the availability of tutors round the clock which makes it easy to learn within tight schedules of our national and international clients.