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 Are you worried that the packed schedules of your kids aren’t letting them studying the Holy Quran? 

Are you searching for trustworthy online Quran Learning academies?  

Or, are you confused about whether online Quran Learning will help or not? 

Don’t Panic! You are exactly in the right place.  

  E-Quran classes is a renowned online academy in Quran learning serving national and international students of all ages and genders. It is centered in Egypt and was established solely for “Preaching the Right”. And the right for every believer is the Quran which is an epitome of “Hidayah” and the embodiment of a “Serene life”. Our goal should not only be to recite the Holy Quran regularly, but the focus should be made on proper accent and deep understanding of this heavenly book bestowed to us. So that we become able to apply it in our lives. 

The Holy Prophet of Allah Almighty, Hazrat Muhammad (Peace and blessings be always upon him) said: 

 The finest among you is he who learns the Quran and explains it to others.”(Sahih Bukhari) 

Hopefully, that explains the goals of our Institution. 

 The finest among you is he who learns the Quran and explains it to others.”

~(Sahih Bukhari) 

Throughout our life, regardless of our age, ethnicity, gender, or any other factors, we seek to learn Quran to build an eternal and sturdy faith that continues into the afterlife. E-Quran classes offer a wide range of online Quran courses suitable for any age and any level of intelligence. 

According to the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), teaching the Holy Quran is one of the noblest deeds in Islam. It is one of the methods for a Muslim to earn Sadaqah Jariah.” He is rewarded even after his death when any of his student studies himself, acts upon Islamic teachings or preaches Holy Quran to the others 

Hence, E-Quran Classes embarks on the following cycle of training and learning: 

               1) Teach: Preach Quranic knowledge.  

               2) Keep: Preserve knowledge by working upon it. 

                3) Apply:Instruct and impact on more people


To continuously create new opportunities for seeking Islamic knowledge through professional and  dedicated scholars. 


To inspire excellence in an international community of learners by bridging the Gap between the Holy Quran and Muslim community. 


  • Our Flexible timings_ we have the availability of tutors round the clock which makes it easy to learn within tight schedules of our national and international clients. 
  •  Our highly qualified staff_ we have the finest tutors who are not only well qualified on their subject but also very patient with the apprentices. It can be super perplexing for beginners, especially non-Arabic ones to learn Arabic without an instructor. But with the support of a Tutor from E-Quran Classes, learning Arabic becomes very fast and proficient for them.  
  • Our One on one Arabic sessions__ this feature of the E-Quran Courses stands tall among all. We offer face to face online Arabic speaking classes to the students for fast Arabic learning. It helps in gaining fluency and accuracy in the Quranic language.  
  • Our Concerns for quality Education_ We offer Quality, rather than quantity to the students. Through our competent scholars, interactive courses and teaching methods, our services get ranked as best ones in the Quran academies. 
  • Our easy Access_ our tutors are very easily accessible. We operate through skype all over the world and adapt the newest and fastest internet options to barrier down the hindrances.  
  • Proper segregation for sisters_ E-Quran classes has separate female teachers, mandatorily hafiz-e-Quran for our Muslim sisters to study in complete isolation and with Islamic privileges. 

The E-Quran tutors: 

The staff of E-Quran Courses is chosen very carefully and after passing certain eligibility criteria: 

At E-Quran Courses, every Quran Tutor must have following characteristics: 

  • A graduate from a recognized university.
  • A Memorizer of Quran & skilledin Tajweed.
  • HavegraspedQuran Coaching Methods. 
  • Must undergo training & integrated Quran teaching 

What you get when you enroll with us? 

  • One week free trial classes
  • One on one sessions
  • Flexible schedules
  • Affordable fees
  • Monthly parent-teacher meetings
Take free trial sessions for a week and then you are free to choose for yourself. Once registered if not gratified at any point all your paid fees will be refunded. So do not just give it a thought, rather hurry up and apply. 

May Allah Almighty give us all the passion to submit and surrender all our actions and doings to His Will, learn Quran with proper tajweed and Tafseer, lead our lives according to the teachings of Quran and strengthen our faith to earn prosperity in this worldly life and the hereafter. As Allah Almighty has promised: