Quran memorization is one in every of the foremost honorable activities. After we hear or examine the achievements of individuals memorizing the religious text the least bit ages, we tend to get inspired, and also, the task seems achievable.


Here are seven sensible ways to assist you in memorizing the Quran simply and successfully: 


1.Learn The Basis Of Quran:


The first and supreme obstacle facing any beginner to learn Quran is reading the Quran correctly in its original language (Arabic), the Arabic language. So, as to run through the trail of Quran learning, you must 1st learn Quran reading basics.


  1. Use one Mus’haf — (Quran):


 You’ll be able to use a pencil to mark the words and underline verses. Attempt to get a typical size Qur’an, not too massive, that you can’t hold and take it all over you go, and not too tiny that may be exhausting to read from, and you won’t be ready to pen it.


  1. Clear Intention:


 Create your intention clear inside yourself. The aim of your memorization ought to please Allah (سبحانه  تعالى). It shouldn’t be to realize the eye of individuals WHO are probably to say:

 ‘Masha Allah! Check that brother out. He’s a Hafiz!’. 

In Islam, this can be referred to as Ar-riyaa (showing-off). Keep in mind the Hadith of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) says: “Actions shall be judged according to intention.” 


  1. Set a Flexible Routine:


 It may appear the most challenging half to some folks. However, if you are making all the points, in particular, everything else is simple. A versatile arrangement suggests that to own a flexible routine or schedule that you can easily follow. Just be as simple to say: “I will hit the book’s one page daily once in Fajr and another before I sleep/ once ‘Ishaa.” Print out a schedule to follow abreast of your progress, and that’s it!. Don’t just procrastinate!


  1. Listen Carefully For Better Understanding:


The Quran incorporates a rhythmic flow and a series of rhymed patterns. All you wish to try is to pick out from a variety of readers. If you’re a beginner, ensure you choose an Ayah with a slower reading pace. This helps you grab each sound and pronunciation. However, it’s effortless for an individual to breed a rap song word to word. This is usually due to the attender often listens to that song and with keen attention to the lyrics. Why hear music all the day after you have a Hifz target to fulfill and a recitation melody to enjoy? 


  1. Recite Your Memorized Ayah In Fajr:


 Don’t be in a hurry. Begin with shorter Surahs. The upper you go, the stronger are your ability to commit verses to memorize. It would be best if you were consistent with realizing this. Repeat a verse over and over to remember it better. Browse aloud too. Your hearing incorporates a significant role to play together with your brain’s intake.

 Recite your recently learned verses on Salah; it’s another likelihood of revision, and many Sahaba and Prophet also did it. Wrestle the hours of the first morning, maybe Fajr for your memorization exercise, as your brain is recent, and therefore, the surroundings are serene.


  1. Pray And Do Dua:


Create Dua for retentiveness and Allah’s blessings. Luckily, there’s a ready-made Dua at the top of each Quran (most copies of the Quran are similar everywhere the world). Recite the Dua whenever before ending your Quran sessions. And pray five times a day and recite the Quranic verse in your prayers. It will help you to recall it more efficiently.


Memorizing the Quran is rarely a rigorous task. It’s an Associate in Nursing everyday journey that brings you nearer to self-consciousness. After you adopt these seven ways, you’ll notice it simply, Insha Allah!

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