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All our instructors are native Arabic speakers and experienced from recognized universities. With flexible schedules and dedicated dispositions, you’ll be supported through your whole course.

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Learn with passion to live with purpose. At E-Quran classes we are now offering advanced courses in Fiqh and Hadees. Improve your knowledge and hasten your learning with us.  

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The education you can believe in! Opportunity, Responsibility, Excellence. E-Quran classes. A never ending prospect to increase your knowledge in almost every aspect of Islam. 

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The variety of courses ranging from simple recitation to advanced knowledge of Quran and Hadith. 

Proper certifications and Testing methods for the students meeting the criteria for the busy and modern world. 

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Learn Quran Online with Native Arabic Speakers

Quran is the most authentic and guiding book of the world. And it is obligatory for all Muslims not only to read the Quran in Arabic (as in Salah) but also to understand and apply its teachings in daily life. Reciting Quran and Learning Arabic can be a complex task for non-Arabic speakers. Luckily, this complex task can become easier with the use of technology and a good tutor. At E Learn  Quran  is here to help you  to learn quran online in a noble journey to learn recitation, Tajweed, Arabic, and Islamic Teachings. E Learn Quran  not only provides you the best and well–qualified teachers but also helps you to understand all the aspects related to the teachings of Islam and learn quran with tajweed online.


Is learn quran online easy?

Islam is an international religion and Muslims all over the world follow the Islamic rules and take guidance from the Quran. For non-Arabic speakers, sometimes it becomes hard to read or understand Quranic verses. But Allah (ﷻ ) Almighty Himself said in the Quran:

“And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy to remembrance, so is there any who will remember?” (Surah Al-Qamar: 22)

So basically what you need to understand is that when you start to learn the Quran with enthusiasm and passion, Allah Almighty (ﷻ) helps you to understand His words. As far as the language barrier is concerned, good concentration, practice, and an expert teacher can help you to bypass these barriers. And here in this context, Al-Bayan Academy provides you an expert, well-qualified and flexible teacher who can assist you to achieve this noble goal of understanding the Kalam–e-Allah (the word of Allah ﷻ), the Holy Quran.

It is not just a service that we provide, we also follow our holy prophet Mohammad (ﷺ) to be the best, as he said:

“The Best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” (Darimi, Sahih)

So, it also describes the prime objective of E Quran Classes to learn quran online.

Educate your kids to become Alim (online)

Islamic education not only purifies the heart but it is also necessary to have a better understanding of the reality of this world. Islamic education guides us in every step of life. An Alim is a person, who has comprehensive knowledge of the Quran, Hadith, Seerah, Fiqh, and different ruling of Islam. Muslims have guidance from Alim for different situations of life when they need Islamic guidance. Al-Bayan Academy has well-versed Islamic Scholars with a great understanding of Islamic teachings and they qualify to provide Alim level education to the students. An Alim not only has the complete understanding and guidance of Islamic rulings but he can also guide other people if they want any guidance. Hence, if you are willing to make a change in society by educating your kids to become Alim through an online course, Al-Bayan Academy is here to assist you in this Alim education online course.

Free Trial Lessons

Al-Bayan Academy is confident that our teachers have the ability to inspire the learner in the first lesson as they possess multiple years of online teaching experience with devotion and intention to receive the reward of their effort from Almighty Allah (ﷻ). Al-Bayan Academy provides free trial lessons, you just need to enroll, select the timing and we assure you that you will be satisfied and proud to engage with a brilliant academy for online Islamic education.

Why choose us?

A free trial can prove the effective teaching technique and knowledge of our teacher. As we utilize modern teaching methodologies to make learning an easier and interesting experience at an affordable cost. And this free trial not only helps you to assess the way of teaching but also motivates you to start your learning journey with us at your home.

Our teachers have brilliant teaching techniques for all ages and diversify themselves with the age and understanding of the learner. No matter, there is a kid, who needs more attention and an easier and interesting method or a more sober adult, we can cover all with a variety of techniques to teach Quran and Arabic conveniently.

We have got a wide variety of communication platforms like Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. classes where the student gets complete attention and face-to-face learning and assistance from Tajweed to memorization.


As we have mentioned that Al-Bayan Academy provides you, well-qualified teachers, on the other hand, we make sure that our customers are well satisfied with the service & we have a well-organized set of courses that are easy and well tested on students of different levels and backgrounds. We know very well, it is not easy to learn a new language or understand new terminologies, so we are always very patient and cooperating to help students to pass the hurdles. Hence, a 100% satisfactory response is guaranteed from Al-Bayan Academy. Because we are doing this task thinking of it as the noblest activity of this world.

Either its Quranic learning or the learning of the Arabic language, you will be provided with the best available and authentic resources and assistance. And we will make sure that this online learning experience will help you have good faith in the technological aspect of learning of the most sacred teachings of the world and understand whatever you learn.

IJAZAH after completion of course

An ijazah (Arabic: الإِجازَة‎, means “permission”, is an authorization by the qualified and learned who already possess such authority. After Ijazah, it is established that ‘the learner of the specific course has acquired the knowledge from the issuer of the Ijaza through first-hand oral instruction’. An Ijaza is permission to narrate through establishing a chain of authorized narrators.

After completing some certain courses the learner will have Ijazah from a certified Imam to read and recite the Holy Quran with the Tajweed rules or Hafiz-e-Quran.

Ijazah for recitation: will be provided when the learner reads the whole Quran in front of the teacher while following Tajweed rules.

Ijazah for Hafiz-e-Quran: will be provided when the learner memorizes the complete Quran with the Tajweed rules.

Quran is not only guidance but a source of forgiveness. There is a hadith to highlight the importance of memorization of the Holy Quran:

‘Whoever reads the Quran and memorizes it, Allah will admit him to paradise and allow him to intercede for ten of his family members who all deserved to enter hell.’ (Ibn-e-Majah)


You will also be issued a certificate after completing a course by E Learn Quran Classes to show your successful completion of the noble learning course. The learning itself is rewarding but a certificate will remind you that you have put enough effort and time to learn the great learnings of Islam.

Courses we Offer

Basic Arabic Tajweed
Read the Quran with Tajweed
Quran for Kids
Quran Memorization
Islamic Studies
Tafseer Quran
Arabic Language
Islamic History
Ijazah Quran reading
Ijazah Quran memorization
Alim online course for Kids

Our Salient Features

Well qualified Islamic Scholars as Teachers
Native Arabic & fluent English faculty
Flexible Timings for online classes
One-to-one class for proper concentration
Well-organized and straightforward courses
Learn anywhere in the world online
Ijazah & Certificate after course completion
Trained teachers to help students with patience

Quran with Tajweed

It is compulsory for all Muslims to read, recite, and understand the Quran. Even our daily 5 times prayer (Salat) is incomplete without recitation of the Quran. To fulfill this, teachers from Al-Bayan Academy (البیان اکادمی)  will help you to understand the rules of Tajweed, the correct pronunciation, and assist you to recite the Quran accurately.

Arabic Language

E Quran Classes ), the teachers are native Arabic speakers, who can speak English fluently and help you not only to learn Arabic Grammar from Basic to Advance level but also aid you to speak in the Arabic Language, which can help you to understand the Quran as you read and communicate in the Arabic Language.

Quran for Kids

Every Muslim family educates its kids to learn Quran along with conventional school education. But not all have the facility or access to a good Islamic teacher. E Quran Classes provides online classes for kids and helps them start from the basics of Arabic to recite the Holy Quran. We have expert teachers who can deal with young kids and make this learning experience interesting and easy.


The real benefit of the Quran lies in the understanding of its teachings. Well-qualified Teachers from E Quran Classes will help you to understand the message of the Quran by explaining Quranic verses in simple English. And to enhance this experience, they explain to you with the help of Hadith and examples from Sunnah of Holy Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ). Suitable for those who can recite Quran but interested in exploring the deep meaning of each verse.

Quran Memorization

One who memorizes the Quran is not only the savior for himself but also his family. To help students to memorize Quran, teachers at E Quran Classes can help you to achieve this mentally challenging learning goal by educating you with techniques to memorize Quran easily. This course is suitable for all age groups and ideal for young kids whose parents want their kids to be the source of forgiveness hereafter day.

Islamic Studies Online

Being Muslim is not giving us any benefit if we don’t follow the teachings of Islam. So E Quran Classes is helping Muslims and their kids to understand the fundamentals of Islamic teachings by providing them knowledge about basics of Fiqh, Hadith, Seerah, Tafseer, and help to memorize daily and routine supplications (Duas). This course is ideal for all age groups and must for young kids to follow the Islamic ways in daily life.

Learn Quran Online

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Read Quran as Prophet Mohammed Reads it

With Online Quran Classes your kids will read Quran as a Prophet peace  Be Upon Him. They will Understand the Language of Quran beside Quranic Arabic.